From a young age, I was interested in food, health and wellbeing, but not always in balance, usually obsessing over my food. Over the years I grew increasingly frustrated by mixed messages, confusing nutrition recommendations and strange health claims. I'm sure you know what I mean! Which lead me to studying a Bachelor of Applied Science majoring in Nutrition and Food Science and becoming a Registered Nutritionist with the Nutrition Society of Australia. I was determined to make a positive difference to the food and nutrition industries. The more I learnt, studied and experienced, the more aware of food I became and my love increased. I then studied a Graduate Diploma of Human Nutrition. 


In my consulting practice where I have interacted with food companies, corporates, schools, individuals and families, I have discovered we are not just what we eat. We are our daily habits, how we eat, why we eat, what we absorb, why we make certain decisions and how we live our life.

I am fascinated by the reasons we buy certain foods, how we change our decisions based on energy levels and the time of the day or month. I am fascinated by clever marketing tools that entice our food purchases and the Australian Food Standards that govern what is allowed. 

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More About Me and How I can Help You

Although I believe food and nutrition are powerful for achieving health. They alone do not provide optimal health and wellbeing. A complete lifestyle encompassing food, nutrition and wellness is required. Practicing yoga and meditation transforms the mind, body and unity of both. Mindful practices such as food awareness, breathing activities, yoga and meditation, expand my offerings in order to comprehensively serve you.

It is in the balance of food, nutrition and wellness where we find optimal wellbeing.

I have also studied advanced courses in yoga teaching, including Vinyasa Level 1 and Level 2 and a

Mastery of Yoga Teaching.



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