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When it comes to food knowledge, I am your expert. With almost 20 years experience working across Australian and International food companies,  I understand the challenges and opportunities. In the ever expanding market, I can be your first and only contact for product differentiation and compliance to Australian Food Laws. 


Whether you are seeking to overhaul your nutrition and wellbeing strategic direction, require dossiers for claim substantiation, recipe (re)formulation, advice on new product development, sensory protocols or seeking regulatory, compliance and food labelling guidance, I will be able to assist. 


I give credibility to your brand through varying experiences across multiple channels, qualifications and understanding the science of food.


With additional experience in freelance writing for print and digital (including social) content, facilitating food discovery tours and cooking demonstrations at both Prahran and South Melbourne markets and leading insights and innovation brainstorming workshops, I am able to creatively support your visions in food science and technology should you require differentiation.   

Let's work together to make your product greater.



I love developing recipes and reformulating existing recipes. Please contact me if you would like to make your products more nutritious, have a competitor edge, value-add or to be a leader in recipe trends.

Culinary Nutrition is beyond just developing recipes. It is curating a story of the food. How is the food eaten? How do the ingredients change in cooking and storing? - And when mixed together? What are the health and nutrition qualities? How can we make delicious food factoring in food allergies and intolerances? What can be added or removed to make the food more delicious? What are the influences of traditional eating styles?

And so many more answered questions that deepen the eater's experience of the food or meal... such as what are the textural components of the food? 

Through my combined food science and nutrition training, I am able to assist you tell the story of your food, deepen the experience and make your recipes more delicious. Reach out to find out more. 

Green Juice


Effective brand collaboration is like apple and cinnamon, dark chocolate and chilli or ripe tomatoes and mozzarella. When a partnership works it just works. What you need is what I deliver, with clear communication. I can compliment your existing brand identity or create a platform for re-branding.


Having worked with leading brands including Mondelez International, Simplot and Lion and also smaller businesses like Living Pure Australia, Byron Bay Tea Company and The Healthy Grain, I have demonstrated experience in making a difference in product development and innovation, sales and marketing and event planning. 


I understand brand pain points from formulation technicalities, claims substantiation, competing stakeholder interests, marketing and budgets. I would love to work on solutions that change your challenges to opportunities.   


Straight From the Source

I am pleased to say bookings are coming in, thinking to the future, I am keen to run more cooking sessions with you for May, June and July.

Janet Lillie, Culinary Expert, South Melbourne Market

You are amazing, thank you so much.

Nigel Philpot, Manningham City Council, Environmental Awareness Coordinator

Sharon has worked with us on a number of key product launches from concept to launch. She is professional, communicates effectively and definitely knows food. We recommend her services


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