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What Do You Need?

The services I offer are designed to be a complete offering for all your food, nutrition and wellness needs. 


Read more to find out how I can support your goals, your wellbeing and your life.



When it comes to food knowledge, I am your expert. With over 15 years experience working across Australian and International food companies,  I understand the challenges and opportunities. In the ever expanding market, I can be your ...


I believe there is no one-size fits all nutritional approach. Except that an all or nothing philosophy which includes avoiding foods, is not conducive to optimal health and happiness.

There is no question the important role nutrition plays in our lives. When we nourish appropriately we feel more vital. 

Whether you are...

Fresh Produce
Yoga Class


I'm sure you are aware there is more to optimal wellness than food intake. Wellness is the sum of all things leading to feeling vital. When we feel well, we are more engaged in life. However perhaps you are too busy or stressed to ...

Sharon's positive disposition was a welcome addition to our team during a stressful period of company transition. Sharon was consulted for her culinary nutrition skills but we gained much more with her introducing lunch time meditation once a week. Thank you Sharon, your ongoing support, collaborative mindset, meditation and nutrition specialities have been a welcome addition.


Huge thanks for presenting on Monday, It was lovely to meet you. You were terrific and your talk was most informative and insightful. We'd be delighted if you would speak again.

Helen Dunne, Director Caulfield Campus, Student Engagement and Support, Monash University


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