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I'm sure you are aware there is more to optimal wellness than food intake. Wellness is the sum of all things leading to feeling vital. When we feel well, we are more engaged in life. However perhaps you are too busy or stressed to have a 'wellness schedule'. Through my training and experiences in schools, workplaces and studios, I am able to ascertain the optimal wellness approach for you. Or maybe you know what you want or need and seeking support for strategies on how to start and keep the momentum into the future.

Whether it is my Yoga classes and courses, Health and Nutrition courses or a tailored approach to your family, school or workplace, I am able to assist in enhancing engagement, productivity and connectivity to your self, life and peers. Workplaces that offer a wellness platform create more motivated, happier and healthier environments.
My wellness approach is science-backed and evidence-based. However, I simplify the science and technical jargon so you can focus on the actions. I also integrate practical suggestions and philosophy for relatability.
I create a positive, non-judgemental and interactive environment. Whether it is yoga and meditation, nutrition seminars and food demonstrations or express health checks, I have a solution for your time and budget.
The wellness options I offer:
- Corporate Wellness Programs
- Health and Nutrition Courses
- School Wellness Programs
- Nutrition Seminars
- Private Meditation
- Yoga Courses


Straight From the Source

As part of our Be Well Program, Sharon suggested we offer yoga and meditation to our community. The response has been extremely positive, higher than any other program we have offered in the past. She also complimented the classes with seminars around the pillars of wellbeing that have also had a positive impact. 
We ran a survey to ask people if they wanted to continue the practice and the response was overwhelming a Yes. People stop me around the corridor to comment about how much they are enjoying and achieving being part of the sessions.

Cristina Lesseur, Corporate Quality and Technical Manager, Simplot Australia

Thanks for your beautiful, informative and nurturing session you ran this morning for our Year 9 program.

Annemarie Petering, Sports Coordinator, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College, Bentleigh

And thank you for delivering such great programs to our students, every one was really positive.

Esther Meltzer, Head of Student Services, Yavneh College

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