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I believe there is no one-size fits all nutritional approach. Except that an all or nothing philosophy which includes avoiding entire food-groups and your favourite foods, will not lead to optimal health and happiness.

There is no question the important role nutrition plays in our lives. When we are nourished we feel more vital. 


Whether you are seeking habit change, hormonal or stress support, weight loss, gain or maintain, or would just like to improve you or your families eating, the methods I use will empower you to embrace a healthy lifestyle. 


You may already be healthy but curious how you and your family can become your healthiest and most vibrant version. Maybe you would like recipe inspiration and support in teaching your kids important cooking skills.

Perhaps you are tired of constant dieting. Let's work together so you can kick dieting for good.


You may know what to eat but struggle to implement. 


Or you have inner discomfort or frequently bloated, and have not established a resolution. You may be interested to know there are umpteenth reasons for bloating that have nothing to do with intolerances, allergies and stress.

I would love to support you...


Through a compassionate and scientific approach I am able to establish the nutritional needs for your lifestyle. I offer private consultations one-on-one and also for couples, friends and families; with online, home visits and also in clinic consultations available at Hawthorn and Malvern Consulting Rooms.


Prior to your first appointment you will be asked to complete a questionnaire consisting of health history and lifestyle factors. I consider your overall health, family history, lifestyle, eating habits, digestive function and food likes/dislikes. The questionnaire information forms the basis of your initial consultation. 

My expertise are:

- Gut Health and Digestion 

- Weight Management 

- Developing a Positive Relationship with Food 

- Food and Stress

- Women's Health Nutrition for all Stages

(Period Discomfort, Fertility Eating, Lactation, Post Baby, Menopause)

- Family Nutrition

Optimal nutrition is not a fad diet, a dietary restriction

or meal replacement cookie.

Optimal nutrition is achieved through understanding your specific physical and lifestyle requirements. 

Using this information, implementing strategies for lifelong nutritional eating.



My presentations are designed to uplift your workplace, presenting on topics relevant to the audience, using the most up to date science in an easy to understand format.

I have experience presenting to school and corporate groups from 5 people to 500, and enjoy both. Cooking demonstrations and tastings are a fun add on to any session.

Here is a list of current seminar topics:

- Eating for Digestive Health

- How to Develop a Positive Relationship with Food

- How to Get More Energy

- Immune System Health & Infection

- No More Dieting

- Optimal Nutrition for Stressful Times

- Stress, Sleep and Snacking



Straight From the Source

Your well planned, informative presentations are a pleasure and your enthusiasm is contagious...
The 'traditional' porridge is smoother and creamier than the 'quick' one, an improvement already. I now call it 'Sharon's' Porridge.

Helen Rubinek

I just wanted to thank you for this morning's consultation. Feeling at ease and being able to talk openly and freely was a real highlight. Thank you for your time and information.

Danielle Bongiovanni

Sending a very big thank you to you for presenting at school today. It was a great hit. The girls gave me positive feedback and I didn't even ask. 

Shirley Weiner, Wilkinson House Coordinator, Teacher of Mathematics, Korowa Anglican Girls School

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