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For mind, body and life.

Yoga as a practice is a way of life..................

You know that feeling after taking a deep breath and then repeating and repeating and repeating... feels so good. Having control over the breath, especially in stressful periods is the advanced teachings of yoga. Sure it feels good to move the body, exploring interesting shapes and have a break from life but the most important reason to practice yoga is for the subtle practices. When we are able to control the mind and continually breathe deeply, we are Yoga.

It sounds easy on 'paper', but in practice is very challenging as we cope with distractions and the overthinking mind. 

I would love to share my yoga with you, teach you and guide you towards a place of Bliss, which the yogi's term Ananda. 

Yoga Child's Pose


The yoga I teach is a purposeful and mindful practice.

Breath is regularly cued and there is a balance between:

- Functional anatomy for body awareness

- Traditional and current philosophy for relatability

- Breathing activities to enhance breath capacity

- Physical challenges for strengthening and mobilising  

- Relaxation for restoring the over stimulated mind and tired body

- Guided meditation for deepening inner awareness

Each class takes the attendee on a journey. Like a well-read novel, there is a start, middle and ending that allows for integration from a hectic life and a smooth flow for the body and mind to surrender into.

I currently teach the following:

- Online Private Yoga

- Online Private Meditation

- Express Yoga for Workplaces and Schools

- Yoga, Meditation and Breathing Courses

- Yoga Classes at Kula Yoga and Wellness


Straight From the Source

Thank you for the last 4 weeks of your amazing course! It has been so invigorating and also deeply grounding, and I have learnt a lot.
As always I have loved your passion, energy and words of wisdom.

Louisa Dalley

Thank you SO much Sharon!

I loved every minute of the course. 

It was abundantly clear how much thought and energy you put into planning every session. It was fun, challenging, relaxing and uplifting and I learnt so much! 

If you ever decide to do anything similar in the future I would definitely be joining in again.

Bec Jackson

Sharon, The whole course was beautiful!!! Thank you so much for your time, your energy and all the love you put into this while preparing it !!!

Mercedes Annibali

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